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And I'm back - searching through my archives and working on new edits has me wanting to spend everyday shooting. Time for a summer weekend trip, ASAP!

Too Much

So far this year, I've been on a consumption spree.

This combined with having my closest girl friend stay at my house this past month, and being busier than usual, means that my apartment is super cluttered and my bank account is looking rather sad.  I am kind of in shock about it, since I have always prided myself on being such a minimalist.  I moved to NYC a few years ago with no furniture and only a couple bags of stuff.  Now I am overflowing a 1 bedroom apartment. I have lived in my current apartment longer than I have lived in one spot since high school, so this is the first chance that things have had a moment to pile up.  Not cool. 

So I am cleansing and purging everything from my house.  I usually donate to shelters and give clothes to my friends twice a year when I change out wardrobes.  This year I am looking for something more extreme though.

I've been reading Zero Waste Home - and I've been really inspired by Bea's pared down, no nonsense wardrobe.  

And although I work in advertising professional, pieces like this one on Raptitude really strike a chord with me.  We trade our time for money, which we trade for convenience and things, which we then have to take care of or replace. 

We can all mistake choice for freedom.  I don't want to do that any longer.

And I think that might have something to do with why my closet is bursting at the seams, and why my apartment is so cluttered, and why I have a couple thousand in debt to answer for. I want to streamline my space, my brain, my existence. I want my days to be full with experiences and my art, not with objects.   

I've gone on an Ebay bender, and have sold a few old iPhones, a pair of Alexander Wang heels and a few cameras quickly.  So now I am addicted to selling my stuff on the internet.  $450 of "free money" will do that to you.  I'm building up my PayPal account to purchase a new camera to replace the 20D I have been using.  I'll be posting again here when I list some of my ceramics for sale on Etsy.

In the spirit of minimizing and creating mental, physical and spiritual space, and to inspire MYSELF here is Bea's wardrobe list from Zero Waste Home.  If I can reduce my closet to twice these numbers, it will be a HUGE coup!

9 tops
5 sweaters (3)/cardigans (2)
5 bottoms
3 dresses
5 intimates types
6 shoes
3 bags
5 jackets
9 accessories


I made these for a friend for her birthday - and I'll finally be delivering them soon.  They are dark brown clay, painted with a subtle black underglaze.  I'm really happy with how they turned out, and I'm stoked to work on my other pieces too.

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